Field Trips

Cactus Wren. Photo courtesy of Doris Evans and Tucson Audubon Society

Southeast Arizona is a spectacular place for birds in habitats ranging from Sonoran desert to riparian wetlands to Sky Island mountain tops. Field trips sponsored by AOS to sample that diversity are listed below. Register for field trips on the meeting registration form. Register early to ensure access to your chosen field trips. All field trips will begin and end at the El Conquistador Hotel in Tucson, unless other arrangements are made (for other options, contact 

Local professional bird guides will lead all overnight, one-day and owling trips (see, for examples, Arizona birding guides). Skilled leaders that are recommended by the Tucson Audubon Society will lead all half-day trips. (See field trip leaders at Tucson Audubon Society).

All transportation will be in 15 passenger vans, limited to 10 passengers to ensure good viewing opportunities for everyone. Every van will have a water source to refill water bottles and a first aid kit. On full day and over-night trips, an ice chest will be available.  

The routes planned are subject to minor changes, based on the decision of the group leaders to optimize the birding opportunities at that general location.

Tucson lies very near the US-Mexico border and some of these trips will cross through U.S border patrol interior checkpoints. This is usually a trivial matter, but all persons should carry proper documentation of legal presence in the United States to facilitate quickly moving through such checkpoints.

The AOS reserves the right to cancel any trips that are not adequately subscribed by March 1, 2018.
In any such cases, we will attempt to move registrants into another similar field trip that fits the person’s schedule. If you register for a trip and later find you cannot make that field trip, we will work with you to determine whether you can be moved into another field trip. For any questions about field trips or registration or to be put on a waiting list for a particular field trip, please contact

Lesser Nighthawk. Photo courtesy of Alex Badyaev/

AOS18AZ Field Trips:

FULLY BOOKED — Chiricahua Mountains – Two nights
Sunday – Tuesday April 8-10

Pena Blanca Lake and Canyon – Full day
Monday, April 9

FULLY BOOKED — Santa Catalina Mountains Owling – Evening
Monday evening, April 9

FULLY BOOKED —Madera Canyon – Full Day (two opportunities)
FULLY BOOKED —Tuesday, April 10
FULLY BOOKED — Sunday, April 15

Santa Cruz Valley Loop – Full Day
Sunday, April 15

FULLY BOOKED — Catalina State Park – Half Day (two opportunities)
FULLY BOOKED — Wednesday, April 11 morning
FULLY BOOKED —Friday, April 13 morning

FULLY BOOKED — Sabino Canyon – Half Day
Wednesday, April 11 morning

FULLY BOOKED — Madera Canyon Owling – Evening
Wednesday, April 11

FULLY BOOKED — Lower San Pedro Riparian Area – Half Day
Thursday, April 12 morning

FULLY BOOKED — Peppersauce Canyon – Half Day
Thursday, April 12 morning

FULLY BOOKED — Molino Basin – Half Day
Friday, April 13 morning

FULLY BOOKED — Pima Canyon – Half Day
Saturday, April 14 morning

FULLY BOOKED — Sweetwater Wetlands – Half Day
Saturday, April 14 morning

Huachuca Mountains – Overnight
Sunday-Monday, April 15-16